Cloud Services



Wincourse offers Citrix as a Desktop-as-a-Service also known as DaaS. When it comes to DaaS, we not only offer up Citrix but the operating systems, infrastructure, storage and 27/7 Support all in our cloud. This is a monthly no contract subscription that allows your business to run in an OPEX model. No matter the device or where you are, you’ll always be able to be connected!

File Sharing:

Security has become an ever growing concern no matter what your business does. As people begin to send more and more sensitive data across the web and in emails, secure file sharing allows you to protect and encrypt secured data. File Sharing can offload stress to the exchange server and protect sensitive patient and or client information.

Secure Browsing:

With more and more applications becoming SaaS based Secure Browser virtualizes software that allows web applications to run in incompatible browsers. IT Administrators can create a virtualized web browser, assign a specific web app to it and then deliver the workload to a physical web browser running on a user’s endpoint device.

Centralized Virtual Workspaces:

Virtual Workspaces enable customer to streamline management and cost by consolidating and centralizing desktops, applications, secure email and file sharing. All in one solution you can provide your end-users mobility and the freedom to access their desktops anytime, from anywhere and on any device.

ISV to SaaS:

The market for Software as a Service (SaaS) apps is skyrocketing. Software companies (also called Independent Software Vendors or ISVs) need to move their apps to the cloud now – or risk losing business to competitors that do. Grab your share of the exploding cloud services market by allowing Wincourse to help you move your software to a SaaS model today for little to no money upfront.