Wincourse has moved offices! We have built-out our custom, open office concept, near the Concord Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC.

Our new office replicated an open concept workspace using Citrix. As a Gold Citrix Partner, we believe in their software and services, so why wouldn’t we use them for our office and employees? Everyone in the Wincourse office is set up with a “Citrix Workspace Premium” office.

This means no more lugging around a heavy laptop and mouse, we don’t even have designated desks! Our employees can walk up to any unused desk and use the thin clients to log into Citrix and start their day.

If we have a meeting or a phone call, we can simply pick up the laptop dedicated to the desk and move it to the conference room, or even the kitchen and continue working as usual.

This has made the office environment work more closely, while still allowing each employee to have their own space.

Not only has this changed the office dynamic, but each Wincourse employee can have access to their desktop and apps from any device at anytime. This allows them to work remotely, in a secure environment, giving them the same access as they would have sitting behind their desk.

If you want to learn how Citrix Workspace Premium can help change the way you and your employees work, reach out to us today for a free demo!